All About Mrs. Chmura

Welcome to the art blog!  My name is Mrs. Chmura (Chu-MER-uh).  I hold a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Art.  I have worked for Hudsonville Public Schools in different capacities since 2013 including long-term substitute teaching, teaching 4th grade, and teaching 5th grade.  I am excited to aid students as they use creativity, problem-solving, and self-expression to make art in the Art Room.

My goal is to help students grow to be the best he or she can be.  I want each child to feel confident in his or her abilities and to be comfortable in the classroom.  I hope to inspire and encourage.

My husband, Dan, and I live in Holland.  We have 2 wonderful children: Dylan and Amelia, and 2 cats named Pickles and Mando.  My favorite things to do outside of school are: paint, sketch, read, go to the beach, drink coffee, hike, eat chocolate, and go on road trips.  I am a major Chicago sports fan and root for the Cubs, Bears, and Bulls (I’m not a huge hockey person, and I would NEVER cheer for the White Sox!).

Enjoy some photos!

At the beach with Mr. Chmura
Dylan and Amelia looking snazzy for a wedding.

Here are some photos of my artwork: