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There are a few items left on our list of Holiday Breakfast donations.  Our Holiday Breakfast is on Friday, Dec 22 from 9:45-10:45! Click the link here to check out what we still need!  One additional item that we are in need of is an electric griddle.  If you are willing to lend us yours for the day, please contact me.

Please see the following message from Mrs. Reagan regarding our parties, parent volunteers and parking:

Dear Parents,
Our class holiday party will be attended by the volunteers that are running the party.  This is due to limited parking (snow).  I have has asked Mrs. Chmura to submit names of those people who are volunteering to run the party so that I can clear background check information in advance.
I have explained to the children to that this is a volunteer-run party — so not all parents will be attending.  If your child is begging you to come, explain to your child that you cannot come because it is for the parents running this party only.  Thank YOU for your help!
If you are part of the volunteer team (those helping run the party), your names are below.  If I have missed anyone, please let me know by Tuesday at 4 pm.  
List of parent volunteers:
-Ann Khoury
-Wynnelle Witte
-Linda Fuzi
-Karen Mead
-Amy Matzen
-Larry Matzen
-Tonya Reahm
-Jody Hunt

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